It has dawned that most Kenyan ladies are ready to die for a married man living happily with his wife than accepting proposal from a poor fella. They rather stay single and hang around with husbands of their fellows than getting married to a single man with no coin.Such women are full of pride of this and that as if they own the world or they have shares on it. You will get them ending up being single parent in the long run.

On the other hand, men with no coin are ready to be used by well of ladies in the society than hustle for a better tomorrow. Most of them are just taking themselves out for a walk in order to sell. Most of the time you will find them walking aimlessly along the alleys with their heads rotating this and that way hoping to be called by rich ladies. Some of wake up late in the morning take a bath and back to bed till late in the evening when you will meet them rushing to supermarkets and other areas where they are sure of meeting ladies of their taste. Others walk along the beaches to get white ladies.

We are all doomed to a better future and but patience still needs to be in the flow of our blood. Many of us are born with nothing to inherit and are forced to struggle to make it in life while some are ‘born with pampers on’. Us, the lot of tomorrow comes, are their to to work tirelessly. Still when our time comes it happens like a breakthrough.

The problem with us is that we crave to fly yet we haven’t crawled. We forget that a ladder is climbed by stepping the bottom step and not the top one. We are for the better pasture yet we need not to walk to the exact location using the right path.

Today when you log on to any website you wont be pleased with what your eyes will see. If you will like then know that you are one of the wicked lot. When you walk around towns you are likely to hide your face from what you will encounter with your eyes and perhaps you will think of getting back to your rural village. If whatever you will see shall please you you are one of the lost sheep.

The result of that is the rise of widely spread of the deadly scourge of HIV/AIDS. It has also resulted to the increase of cases of rape.

The question is where are we heading?